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Choose green

Green living is about making the right choice for your family and the planet.

Our green kitchens are no different. You pick how green you want to be, we provide you with all the custom kitchen cabinetry options.

  • Live Green
    • elegant, durable, safe, low in VOC emissions product line with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) options available
  • Standard Plywood Cabinet Box
    • meets the environmentally friendly KCMA HPVA.3 standards
    • CARB 1 compliant
    • natural maple veneer interior
  • Standard Melamine Cabinet Box
    • manufactured from recycled materials.
    • CARB 1 compliant
    • true melamine interior, not paper or vinyl
  • Coconut Palm
    • comes from plantation grown coconut palms, which are in abundance throughout much of the world.  Heavy cracking is a natural characteristic.
    • coconut palms produce nuts for up to 80 years.
    • non-producing palms are removed and replaced.
    • coconut palm lumber can vary greatly in color and density. We use only the hard, dark palm for our look and durable surface.
go green
think green
  • Natural Finish
    • wood at its finest
  • Live Green Melamine Cabinet Box or Live Green Plywood Cabinet Box
    • non-added urea formaldehyde industrial board from recycled materials or plywood
    • CARB 2 compliant
    • true melamine interior, not paper or vinyl, or natural maple veneer interior on plywood
  • Cabinet glue
    • all adhesives are formaldehyde free
  • Moso Bamboo
    • renewable resource – a grass that is harvested and replenishes itself in three to five years.
    • found in low mountain areas of eastern China, thus not depriving pandas of their food source
    • fine, even grain
    • less susceptible to mold and fungus
    • qualifies for green building points as a renewable resource
  • Linseed Oil Finish – Green at Heart
    • hand-rubbed natural, chemical-free finish extracted from flax seed.  It offers a quality finish that has been used for years for preservation of antiques and guns.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Lumber is available

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